Ds-2cd2032-i firmware 5.5

ds-2cd2032-i firmware 5.5

ds-2cd2032-i firmware 5.5

Home » portal » Technical Materials » 00 Network Camera » 00 Product Firmware » G1 platform (H.265 DS-2CD2XX5,2XX3,3XX3,3XX5,XM67X6) » 2XX5 2XX3 3XX5 3XX3 XM67X6(non-Fisheye) Multilanguage . File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2020-09-21: V5.4.4_Build161116 -2018-12-19: V5.4.4_Build170112 -2018-12-19: V5.4.5_Build170124 -2018-12-19: V5.4.6_Build170427 (only for …

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If you’re not sure about the firmware, then contact your seller to get the right one. There are many versions of Hikvision cameras on the market (read more here), the firmware listed here work for Hikvision USA and Hikvision OEM cameras.It won’t work if your camera is the Chinese version.

File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2020-06-03: V5.5.53 180730(1.3MP, 2MP, 4MP, 5MP,1X31,1X41,67X5) -2018-11-13

Network Camera Firmware Version: V5.4.5 Release Note (2017-01-24) Firmware Basic Information Firmware Version: V5.4.5 SDK Version: V7.3.2.74 Play Library (PlayCtrl.dll) V7.3.0.74 Encapsulation Library (SystemTransform.dll) V2.5.1.14 RTSP Communication Library (StreamTransClient.dll) V1.1.3.6 Voice intercom library (AudioIntercom.dll) V1.4.0.1 iVMS-4200 Version 4200 V2.5.5.103 …

 · I have used the beta without issues but failed to get the firmware sourced from a Russian forum in another posting to work. ... just received a new 3MP DS-2CD2032-I off ebay for $175.. not bad.. Firmware Version V5.1.0 build 131202. Encoding Version V5.0 build 131128. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites . robo65536 0 robo65536 0 Members; 0 1 post; Posted March 31, 2014. …

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Download software, and other region-specific materials you need.

 · HikVision firmware version numbers increment i.e. the higher the version number, the newer the firmware. Generally, the newest firmware will be at the bottom of the list/page. Normally the date that the firmware version was uploaded to their portal will be shown in the right column. The Build number indicates the release date i.e. 180314 equates to 14th March 2018. PLEASE NOTE: Not …

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